Self storage facilities are an unlikely but perfect fit for energy efficiency and renewable energy:

  • Continuous and predictable energy consumption is well-suited for lighting and HVAC retrofits
  • Climate-controlled facilities typically offer significant opportunities for energy efficiency
  • Study buildings with large, flat, and unencumbered rooftops are the perfect host for PV solar panels

Further, unlike properties with heavy foot traffic or business use, self storage facilities are largely unmanned. This unique circumstance provides an opportunity execute energy conservation initiatives with minimal user disruption. Finally, growing social awareness for environmental issues provides a means to differentiate by “going green” and increase occupancy.

The timing is ideal to take action:

  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Capture time-sensitive incentives
  • Appeal to eco-conscious customers

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Typical Energy Consumption

  • Heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting account for 80% of energy consumption at self storage properties
  • Predictable consumption patterns and infrequent user occupancy present the opportunity to execute improvements with minimal disruption