With energy and sustainability, one size doesn’t fit all – so we tailor our approach to meet each client’s objectives.

We start by understanding your objectives, which may differ based on perspective.

Owner- Investors

Attract tenants and maximize property value.


Increase profitability from cost savings.


Lower total cost of occupancy and operating expenses.

Property Managers

Increase net operating income on behalf of owners.


Design, build, and market sustainable properties cost-effectively.

Gov’t, Education, Non-Profit

Reduce long-run operating expenses with minimal upfront investment.


Accelerate adoption to meet clean energy mandates and goals.

Next, we assess your specific property characteristics →

We assess your property portfolio and focus on the strongest candidates for “green” initiatives.

Utility Expenses

  • $40,000+ annual spend on utilities

Property Size

  • 20,000+ square feet

Property Type

  • Office, industrial, hospitality, healthcare, specific-use (best fit)
  • Retail and multi-family (potential fit)
  • Land for solar farms (select locations)


  • Owner-occupied
  • Tenant with gross lease
  • Long-term tenant with net lease
  • Institutional owner

Building Age

  • Energy efficiency: buildings constructed prior to 2005
  • Renewable energy: flat, unobstructed rooftops


  • Energy efficiency: all geographies
  • Solar energy: states with high energy costs and favorable incentives

Financial Strength

  • Credit-worthy owners or tenants
  • Not in financial distress

Other Considerations

  • Local attitudes toward sustainability
  • Local legislative mandates
  • Eco-conscious owners or tenants
  • Internal cost of capital

Next, we consider your position in the asset lifecycle →

We adapt our approach based on each property’s position in the real estate asset lifecycle.


  • Conduct due diligence
  • Indentify value-add opportunities
  • Influence negotiations


  • Improve operations and maintenance
  • Make energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability improvements
  • Increase occupancy and rental rates


  • Improve the property to sell for a higher price and reduce time on market
  • Lower OPEX to increase NOI – and capture the future value of improvements in the sale price
  • Attract green-minded buyers

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