Manufacturing facilities typically consume significant amounts of energy, water, and other resources and are well suited for energy and sustainability initiatives:

  • Manufacturing process controls can significantly impact energy consumption
  • Energy savings accrued during the manufacturing cycle reduce product cost and give the manufacturer with a competitive edge

Each manufacturing process is unique and offers its own set of energy conservation and sustainability opportunities. Most facilities can benefit from:

  • Improved lighting and HVAC
  • VFDs and power factor correction
  • Reclaimed process heat and water
  • On-site renewable energy

The timing is ideal to take action:

  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Capture time-sensitive incentives
  • Create a more productive work environment and improve unit margins

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Typical Energy Consumption

  • Manufacturers are heavy users of electricity and natural gas
  • Energy is often the largest operating expense after labor
  • Each manufacturing facility and related business processes is unique and requires a tailored approach to energy and sustainability