The real estate occupied by non-profits (NFPs) is as varied as the organizations themselves – including education, health care, social services, religious worship, industry associations, and many more.

NFPs that own or occupy real estate share at least one thing in common: rising energy costs increase operating expenses and reduce resources for advancing the organization’s mission.

NFPs are well positioned to benefit from energy and sustainability initiatives:

  • NFPs may be able to pursue a broader range of measures that have a longer payback
  • Cost savings can be redirected to programming
  • Sustainability aligns with social responsibility and may help attract constituents and donors

The timing is ideal to take action:

  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Capture time-sensitive incentives
  • Demonstrate environmental leadership

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Typical Energy Consumption

  • Energy consumption at non-profit properties varies by property type
  • Rising costs pose challenge for NFPs with constrained and variable budgets

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration