Healthcare properties are excellent candidates for energy and sustainability initiatives:

  • The healthcare industry is growing more energy-intensive with medical technology advancements
  • Providers are paid fixed rates for services, making it difficult to grow revenue to cover increased costs

However, unique conditions present a variety of challenges for “greening” healthcare properties:

  • Medical facilities, especially hospitals, are subject to a range of regulatory requirements
  • Inpatient facilities operate continuously without disruption and require standby power
  • Systems must provide a variety of area-specific environmental conditions for medical purposes

The timing is ideal to take action:

  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Capture time-sensitive incentives
  • Maximize financial flexibility in an era of tight budgets

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Typical Energy Consumption

  • Sterilization, clean rooms, laboratories, and other specific applications drive up energy use at healthcare facilities
  • Redundant building systems found in healthcare facilities can be operated to increase overall energy efficiency1

1Source: Department of Energy