Hi…my name is Davide Pio, and I’m a real estate broker.  I love what I do, and I love helping my clients.  My specialty is commercial and investment real estate.  By this I mean I help my clients – who are usually investors – find properties that match their needs.  The thing I love most about my job is the chance to enlighten my clients by showing them possibilities they never knew existed. And if my clients did know these possibilities existed, they were usually unaware of all the details and how best to capitalize on them.

I literally spend an average of 10 to 15 hours a week keeping up on current real estate, economic and political trends – both locally here in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally.  I enjoy showing my clients who have worked so hard throughout their life, how to take what money they have saved up to invest and place it in a property that works best for them.

Let me tell you a little bit about what I do.  As I mentioned, I assist people in finding commercial and investment properties that best match their needs.  With that said, I’m not here to tell you that every single investment property you purchase is going to make you money no matter what.  I can’t with a straight face promise my clients a set return, year after year….that not what investment is.  In fact, if anyone ever approaches you saying they can guarantee a 7 or 10% return on your money no matter what, you should do one thing…RUN.

As with any investment, there are SOME risks and downsides.  If you had bought a large retail property with a Borders or Circuit City a few years ago, everything would have seemed great.  But due to the economic downturn, both companies – along with MANY others – filed for bankruptcy and had to stop paying rent.  These kinds of events can be unexpected, but they CAN happen.

Luckily, all of my client’s investments have performed equal or better than what was expected.  I’d like to think this directly linked to my due diligence process – and when I analyze a properties potential, I use very conservative income figures while over estimating expenses.  Of course, these are just SOME of the examples I can express to you about what my job entails.  One more thing I CAN express to you, is that I am an EXPERT in my field.  Anyone can assist you with sending in an offer to buy or lease a property…but an EXPERT is someone that knows what to do *if and when* something goes WRONG.

I also hold quite a few designations and certifications.  The first is the Certified Commercial Investment Member designation – or CCIM for short.  I’m most proud of this designation for a few reasons.  The first is that it’s a designation only held by the top 6% of commercial brokers in the US, due to its intense 200 plus hour course study and transaction portfolio requirements.  Also, since a small portion of my business is local residential, I also hold the Certified Residential Specialist designation – or CRS.  This is similar to the CCIM, but in the residential field, with only the top 4% of residential brokers being recognized.  And of course, being from the San Francisco Bay Area, green technology is of huge interest to me.  This is why I perused the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, or the LEED accreditation.  LEED is currently becoming the standard in green building, and I discuss its benefits a bit in my “Applying LEED & Green Technology” video.

I made these videos with the intention of educating you – the client – on your own time.  If you want to know why you should invest in real estate, check out my “Why invest in Real Estate” video.  If you’re a retail owner wondering what locations may best work for you when you expand, check out my “Site selection” video.  Between my associates and I, we handle pretty much any type of real estate request you as a client may need.  Now that’s good to know. 🙂

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